More gaming companies have BankID

So far, the number of investment sites offering BankID can be relatively limited, although several new investment sites in 2019 start to define BankID as standard. The betting sites that the bank ID can offer today are at the forefront when it comes to increasing the players’ maximum security, but also to simplify the task of players who do not have to handle electronic documents a lot. Being able to use the bank ID makes it even easier to read on a stake page, while protecting players from any other stranger who goes beyond the player’s confidential information.
Play without an account

What we have is a list of gaming companies that offer BankID to the connection. This should not be confused with the non-mandatory betting pages, which is a new technology that lets you play instantly and withdraw from the game. money directly without even having an account. By using Bank ID, there is no document that contains sensitive data that can give you trouble in hiding hands. Instead, a bank acts as an intermediary and verifies the identity, which means that the players receive maximum security when they have to register or withdraw from a gaming site.
How BankID works

The bank code is an electronic identification document that verifies the user’s identity. Today, the bank’s identification number is issued by a large number of banks in Sweden, which guarantees complete security for the users. A bank identity is considered a regular identity card, passport or driver’s license and is used when you have to log on to the net. Today, a number of authorities, finance companies, banks and large companies use Bank-ID to verify the identity of their customers in a simple, fluid and safe manner.

A bank identifier is an electronic file that you download from your bank. This electronic file is encrypted and also has a password that only the holder knows. Even if someone finds this electronic file, they cannot use it without the legitimate owner’s information, which means that a bank ID is safer than a regular ID or passport that you can lose or be stolen.

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